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The BorgiasAleksander Dumas1 Version2005.10.15 - 20:02:35 
Concerning HadesFlavius Josephus1 Version2005.10.15 - 19:33:07 
Against ApionFlavius Josephus1 Version2005.10.15 - 19:24:02 
The Secret AdversaryAgatha Christie1 Version2005.10.15 - 18:55:19 
Londonīs UnderworldThomas Holmes1 Version2005.10.15 - 18:36:17 
A Book Of Remarkable CriminalsH. B. Irving1 Version2005.10.15 - 18:24:20 
The Black DeathJ. J. C. Hecker1 Version2005.10.15 - 18:06:56 
The Mysterious Affair at StylesAgatha Christie1 Version2005.10.15 - 17:58:03 
Book of PiratesHoward Pyle1 Version2005.10.15 - 17:26:41 
The First Men In The MoonHerbert George Wells1 Version2005.10.13 - 08:34:42